Concrete Scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona

Concrete Scanning With Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona

While other companies diversify their services, GPRS only specializes in the latest GPR technology, offering expert results and unmatched experience in the field of concrete scanning.  GPRS welcomes small projects and is equipped to handle large jobs, as well.  Plus, GPRS is a national company with 19 office locations across the US.  This vast network of technicians allows us to respond quickly to job requests, delivering a technician and equipment to your job site in record time.

Applications of Ground
Penetrating Radar:

Detection of Reinforcing Steel
We use GPR technology to locate post-tension cables and/or rebar within concrete prior to core drilling for electrical outfitting, plumbing, duct work, fire protection services, and drain installation. Once GPRS has located the reinforcing steel in your concrete structure, we will map a grid onto the surface of your structure to guide you as you drill. Utilizing this service will prevent damage to the integrity of the structure as our non-invasive technology eliminates the need for repair or patching work. Additionally, taking advantage of our expertise will minimize your risk of on-the-job injuries, accidents, and delays.

Detection of Embedded Electrical Services
We will use GPR to locate electrical services and/or conduit running within or below concrete structures in locations such as retail centers, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. Working with GPRS prior to drilling or cutting into concrete slabs on sites like these will allow you to avoid the hassle of a building or facility shut-down due to electrical outage or failure during the job.

Detection of Voids
The subgrade below the floors of manufacturing and industrial facilities wears over time from the repeated impact of machinery, erodes or washes out from broken sewer or water lines, and/or settles over the life of the structure.  The absence of subgrade creates air pockets undetectable on the concrete surface and increases the possibility of a dangerous and expensive floor collapse.  Our GPR technicians will locate these problem areas without any damage to the existing structures, thereby preserving the areas as they investigate.  Additionally, this service will allow the repair and remediation processes to focus solely on the areas where void cavities exist instead of drilling multiple holes to determine the presence and extent of voids.


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Void Scanning in Arizona 

Example of Damaged Conduits. Call Before You Cut!

Example of Damaged Conduits.
Call Before You Cut!


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Video: Concrete Scanning


Example of locating the exact location of rebar in concrete using Ground Penetrating Radar
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Concrete Deterioration Mapping Concrete Deterioration Core Drilling


Training and Safety:

Safety is a top priority at GPRS.  All of our technicians receive extensive on-site training, attend a mandatory manufacturer’s training course, and complete OHSA 10-hour construction training.  Specifically, our new technicians ride with senior technicians to observe each application and learn the job.  After completing the manufacturer’s training course, the technicians will return to the field with the senior technicians who now act in a supervisory role as the technicians hone their skills and prepare to enter the field fulltime.


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