Private Utility Locating At North Arizona University

GPRS of Arizona was contacted to provide private utility locating at North Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. The contractor was hired to build a new building on campus and would need to dig to install new utility tunnels and foundations. Due to the high number of utilities running in the area, GPRS was able to mobilize quickly to the location.

GPRS Arizona used ground penetrating radar and radio detection to detect and locate utilities. The utility locations were marked on the surface with color coded spray paint. The markings allow the customer to have an idea where the utilities are located when digging and trenching.

If you would like more information on scheduling utility locating services, please contact our Regional Manager, Brad Goforth at (520) 444-7471. GPRS also provides concrete imaging which assists in locating PT cables, reinforcing steel and conduits in the slab.