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Home - The Home Page will teach you all you need to know about Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona. GPR can help you easily and efficiently locate buried utilities and any other hidden underground elements. Ground radar will also scan for underground concrete structures and perform underground concrete deterioration mapping. Ground Penetrating Radar is proven to be the safest and most reliable way to gather information about buried rebar, buried cables, and any other hidden underground objects in Yuma, Kingman, or anywhere else in Arizona.

Applications - Applications will show you the many ways that Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona can be used. Our advanced ground sonar technology can locate buried rebar and buried pipe, as well as find underground structures. Ground radar can map concrete deterioration, locate buried utilities and underground storage tanks, and search for any other hidden underground elements. These services can be performed in Douglas, Flagstaff, and all over Arizona.

Advantages - Advantages will explain why Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona is a cheaper, more efficient, and just plain better underground scanning technology than radiography. Whether scanning for buried utilities in Nogales or attempting to locate underground concrete foundations in Yuma, GPR is Arizona’s ultimate choice for underground mapping.

Benefits - You can learn all the benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar here. Whether your primary concern is ground radar safety or speed and accuracy of underground scans – or all of the above - discover why GPR makes sense for your underground mapping needs in Arizona and around the country.

Where We've Worked - Where we've worked in Scottsdale, Payson, Mesa or anywhere else in Arizona - or anywhere else in the country! - Ground Penetrating Radar is ready to serve your underground imaging needs.

References - Ground Penetrating Radar of Arizona is proud of our history of customer satisfaction. Find out why here.

F.A.Q. – This page should answer any questions you might have about ground radar or ground sonar, whether you live in Phoenix, Sierra Vista, or anywhere in Arizona. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts in underground scanning at Ground Penetrating Radar.

Ground Penetrating Radar Definitions – short summaries of terms and terminology related to underground scanning and GPR technology.

Job Summaries – Read about some of the more interesting underground mapping projects we have worked on at Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona.

Contact Us – If you live in Tucson, Prescott, or anywhere else in Arizona – and you have underground mapping needs, click on this page to contact the professionals of Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona. Whether you need to locate buried utilities or map underground concrete deterioration, our trained GPR technicians will be to your Arizona location immediately and put the superior technology of ground radar to work for you.