Private Utility Locating At Flagstaff Mall

GPRS of Flagstaff performed a utility locate in a shopping mall in Flagstaff, Arizona. GPRS was hired to locate and mark utilities around 5 different boring sites around the mall parking lot.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Arizona was able to clear each boring location by partnering GPR technology with a utility wand. The ground penetrating radar was used to scan a grid around each site and located several anomalies. A utility wand was used to check for live power and communication lines. Spray paint was used to mark the utilities so not to be damaged by drilling.

Please contact Regional Manager, Brad Goforth at (480) 227-8614 or email him at for more information. GPRS also offers concrete imaging/ x-ray services throughout Arizona. Local offices are available in Omaha, Nebraska and Las Cruces, New Mexico.