Rebar Locating Services

GPRS Phoenix office recently completed scanning in a commercial building in Chandler, Arizona. The purpose of the scanning was to locate rebar and conduits in a metal deck prior to core drilling. The customer was aware that conduits were present in the concrete above the metal deck and could possibly be struck during drilling.

GPRS, LLC. scanned 2 large areas using 1600MHz ground penetrating radar or “GPR” to locate reinforcing steel and conduits. The rebar pattern was mapped on the surface with pencil along with any possible conduits. A utility wand was also used to detect any live power running through the slab in the core locations. GPR emits no radiation and is a safe alternative to x-ray. GPR allows work to continue in the scan area which also makes it very cost effective. Ground penetrating radar also is an excellent method to locate PT cables.

If you have additional questions, please contact Regional Manager, Brad Goforth at (480) 227-8614. You can also email him at GPRS of Arizona provides concrete scanning in Peoria, AZ and utility locating in Mesa, AZ. GPRS also has offices in Tucson and Flagstaff.